5 Wonderful ways to earn money online

Some people overlook this because of ignorance. They think that it requires some special skills or knowledge but it's a liar. You don't need any special skill for this wonderful ways to earn money . All you need is time and a laptop.

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  1. Blogging:you don't need to have basic knowledge of HTML and other programming language to manage your own blog. But all you need to know is what your blog is all about and How to monetize your blog and make use of Google AdSense and also place relevant ads on your site and generate money online. To create a blog you can either make use of blogger or WordPress. To create a blog click here
  2. Affiliate Marketing: it is a type of performance based marketing in Which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts. You are paid commission for marketing. It also overlaps the advertising method. Examples of affiliate marketing are amazon affiliate program. 
  3. social media marketing:  you have a Facebook account and you don't try to market them you are missing something. The process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. You sign up with some companies market on social media and get paid. 
  4. Web designing: this requires knowledge of HTML and other programming skill. In this aspect you are paid to design and manage sites for individuals,companies,schools and Co-operatives. 
  5. Importation Business: in this aspect you import goods at a cheap rate from China,Uk,USA and Japan. Sell them here in Nigeria at relatively high cost.Even Konga and Jumia import goods.Email me to get available sites to import.


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