Could This Be The Truth About Miss Chidinma's Sex Tape?, Hidden Facts About Pageantry.

Following the controversial emergence of Miss Chidinma Okeke's sex tape (Miss Anambra 2015) which shows her and another young lady involved in the act of lesbianism, as dirty as the topic of the week might be, nobody knows the main truth behind her story.

Today, Everyone is blaming  Miss chidinma okeke, nobody wants to hear her own side of the story. Pageant industry is fast growing and has become a means of making money but people don't know how rancorous the pageant industry could be. I am not trying to say Miss Chidinma Okeke did a good job or is innocent of the laid accusation but we have to understand,forgive and hear her own side of the story as she is willing to tell the truth.

The case of Chidimma okeke and my take on these beauty contest:

First let me tell you how I feel about this pageantry stuff, they are highly exalted and sophisticated level of prostitution. When a girl informs me she has enrolled for one, I look at her as someone who is dancing to the devil's tune. My reasons:

* The organisers do not have money, so the girls are instruments of raising funds to finance the event. You start by buying a form, which might be sold at 10,000 naira, now multiply it by 50-100 persons who will apply, that's a whooping cost of 1,000,000 naira, the first stage audition is conducted in a small hotel hall, and at the end 15 of the pretty without brains are selected.
Now this is the point where you have to listen carefully, 15 of these girls are lodged in a hotel and given of 25 to 50 pieces of condoms(what will they use it for) and by the organisers. They are lodged in a hotel, they have visiting hours and they have their privacy, I guess you understand what I mean by privacy, At that period they tag it camping, and at those moments you are not tutored to be sound but you are brainwashed to go and sell tickets that it will add up to your points. And in a week of camping our girls have 2 days to go to the world to be devoured.

Within that same week, on a Friday these girls are carried to different night clubs, forced to wear bum shorts to attract people and to sell tickets, so Friday, Saturday all the clubs around will see their faces.
In Abuja a VIP round table for little pageantry goes for 500k, and most of the organisers have big men whom they want to invite, but before they get them to come, our girls will first go and satisfy the rich men. Please  calculate 500,000 x 15, it gives you 7,500,000 naira, and remember there are low class tickets to the tune of 5,000, so at the end, these organisers rake in over 10 million and profit after expenses nearing over 5,000,000 , don't you know this is lucrative? They simply buy the girl a car of 2 million which simply means "thank you for satisfying our big men". I am not moved when I see these young girls driving big cars, I know how it came.

Now let me shock you further, even when the event is won, the winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up are kept still in the hotel, and there are evening visitations, i still do not want to think of what happens during those Thank you visits. I do not rejoice when I see a lady win a pageantry, my heart is filled with pity knowing she must have gone through hell.

As for Miss Chidimma Okeke I am not in a position to judge, but she'll need a lot of rehabilitation, love and care, "now remember these words, if any has not sinned let him or her cast the first stone" she simply failed the 11th commandment, Thou shalt not be caught. This should serve as a lesson to other young people who is out to try the fast lane. Let us learn to curb our greed. Now if you simply doubt me, look at the organisers of the events, before the event, the way they look, after the event, levels Don change.

I'll simply end with these words, any pageantry or event that exposes our young girls to doing such before they win should be reported and investigated, I'll keep watching and monitor this event as it unfolds gradually.


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